Aleksandra Kalinic

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"With artistic approach and curiosity I strive to create unique jewelry that looks ancient yet modern, raw yet sophisticated, bold and delicate, which will for wearer be something special."

Aleksandra Kalinic was born in Belgrade, Serbia and holds a degree from Belgrade Arts University, Faculty of Applied Arts. In 2001, Aleksandra moved to Vancouver, Canada where she continued her artistic career. At that time she was focused on ceramics and making porcelain lamps and stoneware sculptures. Curiosity and passion for creative process led her to express ideas using different media. Painting is Aleksandra's passion that has followed her since childhood.

She creates unique jewellery which is hand fabricated from sterling silver using various traditional techniques. An ancient Korean technique Keum-boo is used to apply 24K gold foil to the pieces. Significant part of her jewellery are miniature paintings in vitreous enamel, which are set in hand-fabricated silver ‘frames’. Vitreous enamel on metal enables Aleksandra to transform her love for painting into wearable objects.

Aleksandra has exhibited her work in many juried international and national exhibitions in Canada, Serbia, Japan, Australia, Czech Republic, Argentina. She has won various awards for her artistic accomplishment, in Canada and abroad.