Den Jones

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Vividworks has been the name I’ve worked under since the early 90’s, it represents not only the products that I put the Vividworks label on but also the belief I have in quality handmade work with artistic integrity. 

My work is a continuation of many years of thought and experiment in design, beginning with an early fascination with drawing, then a degree in fine arts in the UK followed by a long period in metal sculpture. This may seem an odd road to take to arrive at hat and accessory design, but the form and style in my work are a continuation of purity of line and appreciation of fine colors and materials. Inspiration is from everyday objects, both natural and artificial – good design is to be found in all sorts of places. 

Being a professional artist means working long hours alone; having the opportunity to meet other artists and customers in craft organizations and at craft fairs has been a very rewarding experience. I also enjoy the understanding that Canadians still have for what it means to be an independent crafts person and the true value of handmade goods. I still feel the excitement of creativity In design, my life would be incomplete without it, and the thrill of sharing that with customers and other artists brings a great deal of joy and satisfaction.