Diane Paterson

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I was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where a lifelong fascination with glass began after university studies and several years of teaching.

Time was spent in private artist's studios and at the Pilchuck Glass School studying new glass techniques with Ann Warff, Narcissus Quagliata, Claus Moije , Lino Tagliapietra, Paul Marioni, Peter Mollica, Albinas Elskus and Henry Halem.

Stained glass commissions and opening/operating Saskatchewan's first stained glass studio (Glassworks) kept me busy from 1977-1983. A move to BC brought a new focus on fused glass that has lasted until the present.

I now prefer the solitude of working alone although from 1984-90 I worked with four employees from my Vancouver studio to mass produce my first line of windchimes.

I am totally mesmerized by coloured glass when light shines brightly through it -- the reason for "this madness" goes back to early childhood -- when, my father, in order to get me to sleep, would bundle me up and drive downtown to show me all the bright neon lights!

Little did he know his hopes that I'd become a doctor were totally dashed by memories of neon lights.