Diane Perry

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As a child growing up in Prince Rupert B.C. I was always trying to pull the imaginary world that went on in my head into the 'real' world. I remember one instance of hanging sheets to the ceiling of my bedroom with tacks trying to create a winding maze to my bed. Another time I collected as many extra mattresses as I could from the rest of the house to make a special princess bed. I was always desperately trying to manipulate my surroundings into something magical I could escape to . That is what this show is for me 'A Day in the Life of Monstery Things' is an extension of just that. In my work life I live an a plush world full of monsters and they live in a place of their own, an enchanted forest of sorts. This secret space is filled with all things 'monstery'. There are soft squishy trees, pillowy skull flowers and plush grey rain clouds in the sky, only they drip the occasional drop of something that might be confused with grape jelly. All visitors are welcome - be nice and they will stay, if not they are sure to fly away.

When I am not in my little plush world I am spending time with my wonderful collection of 'real' monsters, my three kids Ocea, Reed, and Olive and their dad, Sean Goddard, on Salt Spring Island.

Other info: my retail studio is called 'Monster Lab', it is open to the public.