Donna Naven

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I was born in London, Ontario. My father was in the Air Force, which meant that we moved every two years and after I left home I continued to move a lot, until 1993. That is when I found a beautiful island called Cortes and I have been living here ever since.

Four years ago my connection to carving stones began with a dremel and some diamond bits. And, over the years the tools have gotten stronger, the stones larger and the work is getting better all the time.

My process beigns with the land around me where I find my stones for my carvings. A stone will catch my eye and I find myself hold it, and turn it over and over in my hands looking for a starting point. I usually see a head or a face first and begin working with my tools to bring it into better definition. Then the dance begins. I move from the head to an arm, a body or a foot and back and forth.

While I am in the process of carving a stone I feel a connection to my ancestors and I am filled with a feeling of power, strength and joy. My wish is that others who view my work will share a similar sense of connection to something more permanent, a larger reality, a connection to our archetypal origins and to earth herself. It pleases me that I have had a hand in their creation.