Ed Brown

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My earliest memories as a child are of fishing and hunting with my grandfather and friends. We would inspect and dissect just about anything we could catch. At the age of fourteen or so, I began carving three dimensional animals. From a young age, I have been influenced by numerous carvers and artisans who worked with various types of woods. Though I did not know then, my grandfather was also a carver. After a stint in the military, I gravitated towards commercial fishing participating over the years in offshore and inshore fishing as well as commercial diving. For much of this time, I maintained a salt water aquarium with frequent additions from local specimens collected by myself and fellow fishermen. Early duck decoys I fashioned for duck hunting forays led to commissioned decorative decoy work.

For more than two decades now I have fished and carved in exotic locales such as Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and the Queen Charlotte Islands. My carving work during the 70s and 80s focused mainly on jungle creatures, fish and whales. Since then, I have continued carving large scale fish pieces while experimenting with size, style and finish. My carvings are one of a kind signed pieces that reflect my passion for the lines and forms within nature. Pieces range in length from 16" to 39" and are made from local woods.