Izabela Sauer

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I was born and raised in Gdansk, the ancient Baltic sea harbor town of Poland. From 1985-89 I studied at Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. In 1989, I left Poland for America. For 3 years, I developed my skills at Yolanda Lorente's Fashion Company in Chicago, painting and designing silks.

In 1991, I moved to Vancouver and worked for Maiwa Handprints. At Maiwa, I specialized in hand painting and dyeing natural fabrics. In 1995, I started my own company, Alarte Silks. Together with my husband Jacob, we are creating a variety of fabrics suitable for luxurious apparel, accessories and interior decoration.

On natural fabrics, ranging from raw silk to jacquard, crepe de chine to silk chiffon, original designs are individually drawn and then hand painted. Only high quality dyes are used to produce strikingly colourful ties, wonderful drapey scarves and textured Shibori shawls. These are finished with beads and handmade tassels. The designs of the fabrics are continually changing and no two creations are alike.

All silks are colourfast and the scarves are washable.

Colour is the primary motivating force in my work. Very often, I don't plan ahead of time, preferring to work from intuition and spontaneous inspiration. Painting on fabric makes me feel a sense of freedom and happiness.