Kimala Thompson

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I was born and raised in Squamish, B.C. then moved to Madeira Park on the Sunshine Coast after completing 20 years with the Canadian Forces. Quilting became my passion in 1996 and I am amazed at the innovations that have occurred during the past nine years. The challenge of acquiring new skills and techniques has me completely enthralled with this medium.

I prefer to use natural fibers and currently use 100% cotton fabrics and threads for the piecing and quilting while the batting may be polyester, cotton or a combination of the two. Traditional piecing and setting of blocks; a modified colour wash with pieced blocks to create a simple plaid pattern; or a stack, slash, shuffle, sew; stack, slash, shuffle, sew ...; method are used to construct each cover. Either free motion or machine guided quilting is used to compliment each piece, usually more precise piecing will have less quilting. I love to create colourful, unique and practical items that others can use to express their personal preferences.

For the past two years I have been exploring hand dyeing and painting hemp, silk, cotton, and wool fabrics and yarns. These fibers will become the foundation for embellished pieces such as wall hangings, purses, runners, and of course pillow covers. There is so much pleasure in following where this craft leads.