Kurt Morrison

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Kurt Morrison, born in Montreal in 1954, always had an impulse to create, which he inherited from his father, who had a love of building scale model railroads and boats and did so while Kurt was growing up.

After leaving home and moving to Vancouver in the early 70's, Kurt got involved with the arts and craft scene in Vancouver's Gastown, doing leatherwork, bead stringing and selling underground newspapers on the street.

Starting in 1975, Kurt tried his hand at silversmithing and never looked back. Self taught, Kurt learned through reading books, lots of trial and error and asking various learned people loads of questions. He sold his beginning work at Arts and Craft Fairs throughout B.C. and Alberta. In the 80's Kurt freelanced custom wax model making for several Vancouver Jewellery manufacturers.

In 1981, Kurt moved to Hornby Island, B.C., in order to fully develop his work (he also likes fishing and nature), spending the last 25 years (come hell or high water) mastering his craft and adding to his skills:

Goldsmithing, diamond and gem setting, lost wax carving and casting, engraving, scale model reproduction, knife making and embellishment, antique restoration, fossil preparation, wildlife sculpture, Celtic art and lapidary.

A carver by talent, a metalsmith by practice, a miniaturist by desire, Kurt likes to blend these three into wearable art pieces. Nature and the works of the old masters are a constant source of inspiration.