Mary Downe

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For me working with textiles is a constant source of pleasure and delight. I use natural dyes including indigo, rust, persimmon, pomegranate, logwood and cochineal. Watching colours emerge from a dye bath is a truly magical experience. Pure alchemy! I love juxtaposing the vibrant and deep blues of Indigo with the rich, earthy browns of Rust and Persimmon.

I work mainly with silk fabric exploring various Shibori resist techniques that I learned while studying several years ago in Japan. I love the surprise and wonder each time I unfold a piece of Shibori, whether it has been folded, stitched or clamped.

My background is as a painter (oil on canvas) and I approach each of my fabric pieces as I would a painting. Each of my Textile pieces is unique.

I have an Advanced Certificate in Textile Arts from Capilano University, a Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, and I have studied Indigo dyeing and Shibori in Japan.