Merilee Shaw

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For over 20 years Merilee has been creating woven silk apparel. Her use of color and texture is unique and discernable with a growing worldwide clientele. Her goal is always to bring a contemporary look to ancient textile traditions by bridging the gap between couture and wearable art. Merilee has chosen from the beginning of her career to work solely with the finest Italian and Swiss silk yarn. Silk takes to dye like no other fiber, giving it an intensity in hues that is saturated and vibrant. She has never shied away from color. Her fabric has become an expression of herself. There has always been a Bohemian feel to her creations with strong influences and inspiration from the Mediterranean countries several of which she has traveled to. She makes use in her fabric of subtle color gradations, space dyeing skeins and painting of the warps. She treats the fabric as a canvas using unusual color combinations that may clash and coalesce into surprising beauty. Finishing touches can be expressed with embellishments of Swarovski crystal beads and or shells. The gypsy woman is alive and well and has evolved into a sophisticated yet artistically dressed world adventuress.