Patrick Briggs

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Making jewellery is a forgiving outlet for my hyperactive inner child. It allows me to turn my imagination into life. And now the limitations are only within me.   As an innovator at heart, I aspire to create pieces in unconventional ways that invokes the observer to question "how did he manage to do that?!" and yet are esthetically pleasing to wear.

Without any formal training but with a strong desire to try, the arrival of my final pieces usually has come from a long process of trial and error.  I may have a design in mind, but I never force it to life, instead I let it flow naturally in the direction the materials allow.  I like to work with the hardness of precious metals and contrast it with softer organic materials.

Alongside with my older siblings, hunting for found objects and compete who had the best construction was a common childhood pastime. On a smaller scale making jewellery was naturally the next step. Architecture is the repeated theme in my latest work. "Inspiration is everywhere", and I see it most in the towering buildings that scrapes the skies or the bridges that crosses our oceans.


On holiday to Ireland , I became fascinated by the understated and minimalistic jewellery designs and I was curious to try my hand at it .  I returned to Canada, quit my corporate job in Toronto, and opened my first retail store in London, Ontario.  Now nine years later, I call Vancouver, BC home and continue to sell my work in juried markets and art shows.