Satu Brampton


I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and North Shore of Vancouver where I spent much of my childhood playing and drawing in Nature.  One of my favorite past times was fishing with my Grandfather in the Sechelt Inlet.  I remember being particularly attracted to the funny and unusual looking ocean creatures we encountered.  This was the precursor to my current passion in the arts – creating West Coast Art inspired by the sea. 

It was my children who re-kindled my artistic spirit.  In 2009, my seven year old son stated he wanted to be a fisherman when he grew up.  Thus for Christmas I delved into making him a ‘catch’ of West Coast Species fish made from wool felt. I chose wool because I wanted to make something that was environmentally gentle, and safe in the hands of my children.  Wool has many wonderful qualities including being natural and therefore contaminant free, it is softly textured and has antibacterial qualities.  I also wanted these fish to look as they do in Nature.  The flexible strength, texture and vibrant colour of Wool Felt allows me to make sculptural fish that capture not just the species type, but also mimic their movement and flow.

The items I now design have evolved considerably.  As a process it has been a tremendous creative Awakening for me.  As I have learned about Wool through my own research and experimentation, I have developed a method and style that suits my creative expression.  This method is ever changing as I take on new projects such as making fish life cycle mobiles, Native Wall hangings, mermaid dolls, tea cozies, tooth pillows for children, and sea creatures of various shapes and sizes. 

I hope you enjoy my Wool Felt Art as much as I enjoy making them.