Sue Mcdermott

Member Since: 

Work available in STORE only.

Sue has lived in Vancouver for 40 years. The connection with Circle Craft goes back to our early years. In fact, she is our lone remaining member from the original share issuance of 1974.

Classes in the traditional craft of weaving, pottery and woodwork in Gt. Britain were followed by learning off-loom weaving, yarn dyeing and spinning from Vancouver teachers.

The advent of grandchildren has more recently re-kindled her interest in hand knitting. The sweaters and hats she produces, combining machine and hand knitting, incorporate her hand-dyed natural yarns. They are colorful but never lose sight of one of the basic principles of good design: fitness for purpose. They should neither shrink nor stretch nor lose dye when you wear them, they have all been washed, dried and brushed before being sold.

Care - Wash by hand in warm water with very little mild soap, do not agitate or subject to drastic change in the water temperature: this can cause felting. After final rinse remove excess moisture by rolling in a towel and dry flat. Use a coarse clothes brush to bring up the loft in mohair. Items may also be dry-cleaned.