Vesna Yankovich

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Vesna Yankovich, M.A. In textile design , is one of few metal weaving artists in North America. Her career of artist and art teacher started in Belgrade , Serbia where she received her B.A. and M.A. In textile design and spent 10 years teaching at the Faculty of Applied Arts including two years as elected Head of Textile Department. During this period Vesna Yankovich started experimenting with metal weaving in tapestry, participated in numerous exhibitions winning, on two occasions , the National Award at Belgrade Tapestry Biennale. Her work "The Strategy of Rust" has been chosen for permanent display in Belgrade museum of Applied Arts.

After immigrating to Canada in 1994 Vesna had individual exhibition in Richmond Art Gallery and continued her experiments in metal weaving working simultaneously on huge wall pieces and smaller 3-D applicable objects as baskets, candle holders and small metal woven sculptures. Her large metal woven installation "Multiplicity" created in late 90-ties was on display for many years in Vancouver Board of Parks Building in Stanley Park. As a resident of Vancouver, BC , Vesna participated in many local exhibitions and art shows winning on four occasions Excellence of Craft Award at Circle Craft Christmas Market show.

Vesna Yankovich also established her artistic presence south of the border participating in juried Art Shows in US (Sausalito , Cherry Creek in Denver, Chicago , Philadelphia , Seattle, Dallas .....) She was awarded the Merit Award at Philadelphia Buyers Market and Juror Award at the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver , Colorado .

The unique art of Vesna Yankovich was presented in various media from "Vancouver Sun", " Globe&Mail" and "Elle"( Canadian edition ), on programs of local TV stations in Vancouver, Chicago and Spokane, to art publications in Canada, U.S.A., Europe and South Korea.