Vesna Yankovich

Board Chair
My career of artist and teacher started in Belgrade , former Yugoslavia , where I spent 10 years teaching at University of Arts- Faculty of Applied Arts including two years as elected Head of Textile Department. After immigrating to Canada in 1994 , I continued my artistic life , experimenting in metal weaving ; working simultaneously on huge wall pieces and small 3 D objects , baskets and some abstract forms . In late '90 ties I started "full time living from my art ". I became a member of Circle Craft in 2000 after receiving Gold for Excellence in Craft ,November Market 1999. I served on Board April 2011 to Apr. 2013 Last seven years I spent mostly, designing one of a kind jewelry , what become my latest passion.

Gordon Hutchens

Scholarship Commitee Chair
Gordon has been a full time potter in BC since 1973 selling his work across Canada and internationally. His ceramic work covers a broad range of different techniques and glaze styles. He has also had a career of sharing his knowledge, teaching ceramics to others. "I joined Circle Craft in 1974 and the next year started doing the Christmas Market. I've been selling and exhibiting at the Circle Craft store and gallery for the same length of time. It has been a great experience for me, and I feel that it's time for me to give back to this amazing Co-op."

Carolyne Curran-Knight

Selections Committee Co-Chair
As a member of Circle Craft I have attended all of our shows, sold in the gallery and I admire the skills I see executed by my fellow members. The time has come to join in a more active way and support the co-op whose purpose is to foster our crafts. This also encompasses our ability to grow as artists and to prosper as businesses. I have shown in Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Toronto. I am a graduate of Sheridan and Vancouver Community College (L.P.I.) and Sir George William University (Theatrical Arts) I feel I can represent the membership with understanding and respect, and I have the time.

Andrea Roberts

Gallery Committee chair
I am a CC member since 1999. Originally coming from Germany, where I received my education and European Goldsmithing Diploma at one of the oldest and finest European trade schools - Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim. I've worked alongside with Master Goldsmiths and set up production departments, participated in numerous craft shows and was responsible for store production and support before moving to Canada 1996. I am also an educator and facilitator help fostering new talents that emerge into our vibrant art community. Early on I realized how important it is to create opportunities where talent can thrive. I was always presented with opportunities and Circle Craft was one and still is until today. My jewellery has traveled the world thanks to this opportunity.

Jason Marlow

I have been a member of the organization since 1984. I was formerly trained in UK as a Cabinetmaker Boat builder working in a wide spectrum of woodworking. In 1980 I established my own Woodturning Studio in Canada, I have taught and apprenticed trained several contemporary Wood turners, organized several symposiums and promoted and given workshops across Canada and the United States. I am nearly entering my fourth decade as an individual full time craftsperson living from my craft and share a studio with my wife Anne Marie who is a full time potter. I have had six years’ service on other boards in the past. My wish is for Circle Craft to continue to be the best co-op in Canada, attract and retain the best Crafts makers.

Svea Vatch

Membership Chair

Svea Vatch has been silversmith for 40 years, a long-term member of Circle Craft, and was a vendor at the Granville Island Market for many years.