Jan 2012 Gallery Show

Beetles & Flies at Circle Craft Gallery in January

Circle Craft Co-operative is pleased to present “Coleoptera and Diptera” [Beetles and Flies], a glass and metal exhibit by Sean Goddard, in their gallery located in the  Net Loft on Granville Island, January 6 – 31, 2012.
Of the 370,000 species of beetles and 122,000 species of flies, for this show, Sean will focus on these two orders, Coleoptera and Diptera.
Sean moved to the Tofino area in 1995. He hails from Mississauga and moved to Whistler in the early 1990s in search of a new lifestyle. It was there that Sean began dabbling in glasswork with the help of friend, Gimel Holland, daughter of legendary glassman, Moss Holland. What began as an after-work hobby quickly turned into a cottage industry for Sean as he began to sell his new creations at the Pemberton Farm Market and in such galleries as Mountain Craft in Whistler.
With no formal education in the media of glass and metal, Sean set out to make a genre of his own. It was with this creative force and bold inspiration that the lines of jagged light sconces and prehistoric insects were fashioned. He started by selling his work in many of the local galleries and then with Diane Perry, in 2000, opened his own gallery in Ucluelet, and then in Tofino in 2001, both locations operating as “The Lounge Collection.”
In 2005 Sean moved to Salt Spring Island and currently shows his work at his Gallery, aptly called Farmhouse Gallery.
Ron Kong, Manager of Circle Craft Shop & Gallery, says “Sean Goddard’s sculptural approach to working in leaded glass enhances his work with a unique three dimensionality. He creates fantastical pieces and is widely known for his incredible insect creations.”
Sean says of his show "Why would I want to do a show focusing on these two orders of insects?  Why not butterflies, or dragonflies?
Well, although I appreciate those varieties of insect as well, I thoroughly enjoy building some of the less admired species of the insect world, and in nature these two orders of insects account for almost five hundred thousand species (370,000 beetle species and 122,00 flies) worldwide. 
What I try to do with my work is capture some of the shape and detail of recognizable families or individual species.  For example, there is a stag beetle in this collection of work which is modeled after one male species out of a family that is 1,300 large.  There are two mosquitoes in this group, as fly member, there are 3,100 known species of that common insect...
While trying to be as anatomically correct as possible, I take artistic license in my choice or colours.
Whether you enjoy my work or not, perhaps it may sway you to take another look at the real thing, as both pest and pollinator have their place."
Sean has been a member of Circle Craft Cooperative since 2002.
“Coleoptera and Diptera” [Beetles and Flies] by Sean Goddard, January 6 – 31, 2012
Circle Craft Shop & Gallery | Daily 10 am – 7 pm