member scholarship

A $5,000.00 fund is available for scholarships each year. Funds not dispersed in a given year will be allowed to accumulate to a maximum of $25,000.
Scholarships are awarded for educational purposes such as course tuition at recognized institutions, fees for workshops given by qualified instructors, research or special study projects and accomodation.

Any current member in good standing of Circle Craft
No deadline. Ongoing review of applications
Amount of Awards 
Although the amount of the award will vary according to individual proposals, Circle Craft is committed to assisting as many members to realize their potential as possible.  Therefore, guidelines for awarding scholarships include:
*  individual scholarships normally will not to exceed $2,000 per applicant
*  the same individual is not to receive subsequent scholarships until five years have lapsed.
*  if the scholarship fund has a surplus from prior years, the jury; at its discretion, may entertain requests up to $10,000 to members making a major committment to programmes such as Masters Degrees
The scholarship committee will retain the right to waive this guideline subject to unique circumstances that may be identified in individual proposals.
Selection of Jury
*  Chairperson of Scholarship Committee
*  President of Circle Craft board
*  Executive Director of Circle Craft
*  One (or 2) invited Circle Craft member(s) knowledgeable about the specific craft area being considered (if needed)
Scholarship Application Procedure
Member must complete a Scholarship Application form and submit the following:
*  Definite educational proposal in writing
*  Proposed budget for tuition/travel
*  Resume
*  Several slides of current work
Scholarship Notification of Award
A letter of notification is issued to the applicant once the decision is made to award them with funds.
Scholarship Disbursement of Funds Application
After receiving the notification of being awarded a scholarship, the Applicant completes a form stating the particulars of a study plan including proof of registration for their course.
Obligation of Award Winners
The recipient agrees to submit a brief (300-500 word) written statement describing the educational experience for which the award was given.  This will appear in the Circle Craft newsletter within 3 months of the completion of the course.  In the event that the course is cancelled or that the recipient withdraws from the course, any tuition that has been received back must be re-paid to the Co-op.