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Friederike Rahn

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Friederike Rahn

Ceramics artist
Member Since: 

I took my first pottery class in the third grade. After that, clay and pots became significant part of my life, taking me first to Sheridan College, ON then to NSCAD in Halifax.

Since 1990, I have made my work in Vancouver, sharing a studio for the last 5 years in a warehouse building in East Vancouver.

Why pots? Because I want to make objects which come fully to life in use, therefore require participation; to cook soup, arrange flowers, or drink tea. Pots celebrate the domestic space and everyday acts like serving and eating food.

They are intimate and physical. I try to make forms which evoke a feeling of gesture, and give a sense of the softness of clay.

The quotidian world provides me with references to pots - boat, shoe, seed pod, roof, figure - these inspire me to reinvent a familiar vessel.

I use a low fire red earthenware clay, with a number of surface finishes - terra sigillata, underglazes, and polychrome matte glazes to achieve a rich variety of textures and contrasts, and to give the surface a sense of depth.

My tools include a rolling pin, a kickwheel, and a changing assortment of press molds.