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Kaarina Talvila

artist profile

Kaarina Talvila

Fibre and Fibre/ Textiles artist
Member Since: 

Kaarina grew up in Toronto and now lives in West Vancouver. She received her craft training at Capilano University and has a previous geology degree from the University of Toronto.  She is a fibre artist, working primarily with silk, paper and recycled materials, to create containers in the form of boxes and purses.

“I have a great respect for the sense of harmony and balance found in Japanese craft, and try to achieve a similar sense in my own work. My pieces are also characterized by a strong degree of precision and exactness; I think an earlier programming career in computer mapping is still evident. My boxes are made from heavy card and Japanese mulberry paper, embellished with beads, reeds, brass piping and other found objects.
In keeping with many traditional Japanese crafts, the end result transcends the humble materials. My label ‘KOTI’ means ‘home’ in Finnish, which is both a tribute to my Finnish heritage and a reference to where I do my work.”