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Marilyn Lee

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Marilyn Lee

Fibre artist
Member Since: 

Marilyn was born in a small town north of Calgary called Eckville. She moved to Calgary when she was four years old, and resided there for a majority of her life. She attended the University of Calgary where she majored in Art History and minored in Classics. Soon afterward, Marilyn found that she wanted to be more involved in the "art of making", and applied to the Alberta College of Art and Design where she completed her BFA.

In 1999 she moved to Nelson, BC to teach "Surface Design" at the Kootenay School of the Arts. This is where she currently resides and has her studio.

Marilyn's work deals with creating sumptuous textiles for the home, adding unique elements that will enhance the space in which they are placed. The felt-making process for Lee often begins in the dye pot. Lee will start the process by dyeing the wool with many colors in varying hues. Creating a palette of color is an important stage that allows Lee the freedom and inspiration to play and experiment with design, form and pattern. As a textile artist, Marilyn Lee often finds there is a symbiotic relationship between process and materials and both elements must be thoroughly explored and expressed before each piece can reach fruition. Every stage of the felt-making process is pivotal, but it is at the end of the process when the raw wool is combined with hot soapy water that the magic of alchemy of turning fleece into felt is truly apparent.