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Mary Downe

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Mary Downe

Fibre artist
Member Since: 

Mary has a degree in fine arts from the University of Western Ontario and a diploma in interdisciplinary studies from Emily Carr College of Art and Design. She lived in Paris for many years, teaching drawing and colour at several industrial design schools, and now lives in Vancouver. Each of her creatures is unique, made with various materials she discovers on her travels, including fabric, wool, buttons, embroidery thread, feathers and beads. Working with combinations of colours, patterns and textures is a continuing source of pleasure and delight. She is fascinated by the way the fabrics, buttons and other elements take on a life of their own. She starts out with an idea in mind but is often surprised and excited by how the creatures evolve in their own way. “Give me a blue arm or pink lips” they seem to ask. She is inspired by the amazing presence of spirit embodied in the Hopi Kachina dolls. As her creatures develop each of them takes on a distinct personality and energy evoking the humour and playfulness that went into their creation. The stuffing is hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.