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Miles Lowry

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Miles Lowry

Fibre artist
Member Since: 

Miles Lowry is a professional visual artist working and residing in Victoria, British Columbia. He has been exhibiting paintings and sculptures in solo and group exhibitions since 1981. He is also known as a writer, photographer, illustrator and theatrical designer, and is an Artistic Director for Suddenly Dance Theatre in Victoria. His dance-poem OPIUM is currently in production as a film for BRAVO! And will be shown nationally in 2006. A self-trained artist, his works are seen in a wide variety of exhibitions, publications, performances and media. His Sculptural installation Dissolve/Reveal, was chosen Peoples Choice at Artropolis 2001 in Vancouver B.C and he was subsequently a subject for CBC’s Artspots shown nationally. His forthcoming book – Blood Orange– based on the life of writer, Paul Bowles is due this fall.