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Natalie Normand

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Natalie Normand

Metal artist
Member Since: 

I was raised in Quebec City. After a year of travelling I ended on the opposite coast of Canada in Vancouver in 1987, and I'm still growing up. As a self-taught artist, trial and error is my teacher. My love for manual work and never ending curiousity has taken me into many areas of the arts. Mixing different mediums or materials together is what I love and what makes my work unique. I am sure you will enjoy my pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The major component of my art is pewter. More modern alloys of pewter consist of a combination of tin, copper and antimony. I begin the casting process with a master model that I create from many materials such as wax, clay, wood, metals, etc. I am then ready to make the rubber mold, which will be injected with molten pewter using centrifugal force. Once cast, the pieces are cleaned, soldered, oxidized or coloured and undergo many stages of polishing. In part of the design, eclectic objects I find interesting can now be integerated to create art.