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Jen Pleadwell

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Jen Pleadwell

Fibre/ Textiles artist
Member Since: 

Textiles have been a preoccupation of mine all my life. I'm intrigued and concerned by the idea that people in western culture are both slavishly fashionable, and yet largely unaware of how cloth is made.

I have a deep regard for tradition and technique, yet feel inspired to be innovative, to create something new, different. The tension that exists between these realities plays out in my work. My pieces tend to contain strong lines and shapes and large amounts of contrast; they appear modern, yet come from slow and labour-intensive methods that include weaving, piece-dyeing, embroidery, and ceramics.

In my work, I constantly attempt to strike the balance between respect for technique and sustainability, and the desire to produce work that is beautiful and inspiring to it's wearer.